Come together

I’m really not too much help when it comes to this ‘construction business’.  Sure I can pound a hammer, haul lumber, use a level accurately, and even do a bit of back-breaking shovel work.  But, until last night I couldn’t have told you one single thing about installing in-floor heat. 

One thing I did realize last night though is that I am a *great* supervisor!!

“That’s not straight!”

“You only have two more rolls or Rehau…it’s not going to be enough.”  (Yes it will) “No it won’t.”  (We’ll be fine)  “Okay, have fun going and picking up more pipe tomorrow…”

“Why are you laying it over there?  You’re going to trip!”

“Chop chop boys!  The sun is setting!”

Pretty much, I’m only here to give them a hard time.  Well, that and be the beer runner. 

Really though, and in all honesty,  it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by such generous people.  Three great guys took time out of their evenings, away from their families, to come help out ours.

Thanks guys.  We’ll be there to help you should you need anything.  🙂


One response

  1. Love the Blog Ash… yes, I “supervise” my husband too, and he LOVES it.

    September 13, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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