(Families & Children) Fall Mini Sessions – The LaCasse Family!

Since I had quite a few mini sessions, I decided it would be overkill to blog each and every one.  So when it came time to narrow down who the lucky family would be, I thought…”Well…first come, first served!”

The LaCasse family was my first Mini Session of the afternoon.  We had a few laughs, I heard quite a few stories from the handsome man (How many teeth lost, a scrape on the nose from PreSchool, who his teacher is… :-)) and lastly, I found out that this adorable young girl is a babysitter.  A BABYSITTER people!  Goodness sake, I hope the girl likes to make money!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for October (Really, it felt more like late July) and the colors near the river were just as I pictured they would be.

So don’t forget…next time these Mini Sessions come around (Spring will be the next round)…get on it early people!  Slots fill quickly and it really is quite the bang for your buck.  Till next time!


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