It’s all closed in!!

The shop – I can remember months ago looking at a pile of dirt thinking to myself, “There is NO way we’re going to have a shop up and closed in by the time the snow flies.”  I mean really, the hubby works a full time job and even after he comes home – he doesn’t want to spend every waking moment slaving away.  Even the hard working and busy bodied man needs a little downtime!

Thing is – sounds like snow might just arrive overnight and partially blanket my fully enclosed shop.  🙂

We spent all of Saturday hanging out in and around the shop.  It was a thing of beauty people!  70 degrees in November, everyone is over their cold’s and it was all about togetherness.  Nothing better if you ask me.  Absolutely *nothing* better.  The kiddo tried to “mow” the shop with his bubble mower, we had a leaf fight out in the yard, hubby put together the venting system for the toilet, sink, & shower – and I…well…I kind of just watched and took pictures.  I’m not completely worthless – but I’m not a ball full of help either.  Especially while pregnant! 

So even though my photography studio is still just a shell, I feel like I can stand inside its four walls and envision much more.  I see families coming for their Christmas photos.  I see couples who are getting engaged laughing together as I click my shutter as fast as possible.  I maybe even see my fellow photographer friends using it as their little safe haven in the cold winter months.  This, to me, is what I see when I stand in an empty room.  Possibility.

So until that day – you’ll have to be content with the hoards of pictures that fill the blog.  Still…there’s a lot to look forward to.

Ahhhh….A Day in The Life…

My hard workin’ man…

Please be kind – I had a killer migraine!

Damn cutest kiddo you ever did see!


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