It’s Christmas Time in Park City…

Soon it will be Christmas Day!

The hubster, man child and myself put up all the Christmas decorations last night.  It is always planned to do this massive affair the day after Thanksgiving – but due to my hubby being on call for work, we were delayed a day.   Not to fear – it still got done!!

You know, it’s kind of funny the things that have survived throughout the years.  I have boxes and boxes full of decorations that I look at every year – but never put out on display.  I have a hard time thinking of *ever* throwing them away or even giving them to Goodwill.  The hubby sure differs in his opinion though.  He’d rather me toss it all in the dumpster!  Then again, HE is the one kneeling in the crawlspace going through a dozen boxes, lifting them up to me with the power of a Greek God – just to make my Christmas special.  🙂  Gosh I love him.

So this morning, I woke up to the house smelling like pine and coffee while the snow softly fell.  The hubby had gotten up and lit the tree already and the man child was once again enveloped in the transformation that is Christmas.

It might still be November…but lets make it Merry people.  🙂

Ahhh…A Day in The Life…

Before…And After!

Before…and After!

The kiddo smelling the Christmas Tree!

The ornament that the kiddo hung on the tree.  (One of the many attempts…)  As you can see, it is *barely* hanging on! LOL!

The hubby’s handiwork!  He loved that this year he had a deer to decorate.  I thought it was hilarious!

And last, but not least…all the details.



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