Put…the icing…down…

You know…it really is amazing that I can accomplish anything in any one days time.  What would take a normal human being an hour to do – takes me four hours. 

So this morning, I was contemplating making Christmas cookies.  It began as everything does in my little world – oh the ideas!  I could do this…that…

Then, I decided…maybe I didn’t want to try and make Christmas cookies.  The mess alone was going to take me an hour to clean up, I knew that much.

So I went onto other things.

I addressed a load of Christmas cards and took them to the post office.

While joking with my awesome post man Ron, sugar plums actually danced in my head as I thought, “Hmm…maybe I should make Christmas coookies this year.  The hubby will love it…the kiddo will love them…I could even give a few as gifts…”

So instead of heading home after my trip to the post office, I went to the store for all the fixings.

Four hours later…I am blogging about my Christmas cookies.

Oh, they might look halfway decent alright – they better for the amount of hell they put me through.  Between the kiddo playing in the dog’s water dish, then picking up the dog’s food and shaking it across the floor, to him *somehow* finding AAA batteries and walking around with them in his mouth, to climbing up on the kitchen table in search of the dog’s water that I put out of his reach, to grabbing a sugar cookie off the counter and seeing what happens if he sqeezed it as ^tight^ as he possibly could…I AM SPENT.

All this…and the icing.


I went to the stereo to adjust the music playing (I wasn’t feeling Kenny G on his tenor sax any longer) and as I made my way back to the kitchen I see that my child has a green icing tube in his hand. 

He’s looking at me.

I’m looking at him and slowly making my way, as to approach him lightly and whistfully…

“Put…the icing…down…”

He grins.  And…he proceeds to squeeze the icing tube as hard as he possibly can.  I would have taken pictures of this, but you have to realize…I did NOT want my camera anywhere near this massive mess that now sprawled from my kitchen to my dining room and then into the living room.  BRIGHT GREEN ICING.  


So.  When you see these pictures, know that there is much more going on in the story.  “Oh…pretty and yummy cookies there Ash!”

Yeah, they better be pretty!  Anyone want to shampoo my couches for me?

Ahhh…A Day in The Life…


One response

  1. Jamie

    LMAPO. Jacob’s as full of mischief as Ethan.

    December 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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