Johnny Depp

This man absolutely fascinates me.

Not only is he undeinably handsome – but he seems as if he is truly outside of the “movie star” world.  I bought the latest issue of Vanity Fair the *moment* I saw his face on the cover, and even though the magazine will eventually find its way into my trash can, I am thankful to have had the chance to learn more about him.  Not in the stalker – I’m obsessed with him – kind of way…but in the sense that I truly admire him.  I admire his spirit and how he carries himself throughout this thing we call life. 

Still though, I have to admit – if I ever had the opportunity to meet him, I would probably melt like a bowl full of jello in the hot Summer sun.  Hell with Ryan Reynolds – Johnny Depp is STILL the sexiest man alive to me.  🙂

Ahhhhh….A Day in The Life…

Photos originally taken by Annie Leibovitz : re-snapped by yours truly via the D80.


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