(Nature) It all started with barbed wire fence…

Living in Montana can still facinate me. 

We began our mini adventure with a trip to the Park City dump.  (Always a real treat let me tell ya…)  As the hubby unloaded cardboard boxes and who-knows-what-else, the kiddo and I were playing what I call, the “Hi!” game.  I say, “Hi!”…he says “High-eee” back to me.  Kind of like this…

As we left, the hubby asked me “Which way?” 

I smiled and replied, “You pick.”  🙂

We drove North on Valley Creek Road (which is pronouced Valley CRICK Road for all you out of towners…) for a loooooong time before we realized we were going to be in Ryegate soon if we didn’t start heading West.  We followed winding and barren County roads, and didn’t see ONE vehicle the entire time.  Absolute bliss if you ask me!

What some people might see as a vast landscape of nothing…nothing…and maybe a cow or two…

I see as so much more.

There is unspoken history.  Miles and miles, and sections and sections of fences that were built at some point in time.  By families.  By friends.  By neighbors.  By Homesteaders back in the late 1800’s.  Maybe by a man who wanted change for his family, just as far back as 30 years ago.

Most of the land I drove by today probably hasn’t ever felt a human foot walk across it.  That is how awe inspiring this area still is to me.  The wind blown prairie around me still sees more tumbleweeds and field mice than it does a human hand.

That is AMAZING.

While the cities of New York and L.A. are being beaten deeper into the Earth by sheer population and loads of tourist buses…there is some of my Montana that still remains as it did almost a hundred years ago.   

This is how I view my state.  My Montana. 

I hope that these images portray what I was blessed enough to experience today.  For photographs can merely touch the beauty that lies in these windswept hills and bluffs…

This calf was having the time of it’s life!!  The way it was frolicking about made me laugh out loud…

Had to get a photograph of the train for my kiddo…since they are his FAVORITE things in the entire world!

Someone has to be able to explain to me why there are crosses up on the bluffs out here in Stillwater County.  It is absolutely facinating to me…some of them are even lit up at certain times of the year. 

My favorite image from today…

Have you EVER seen so many tumbleweeds?!!

This abandoned home (seriously a very large home too) is perched up at the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere.  Makes you really wonder…


One response

  1. Mary

    There is one cross out that way that is way up there the was used by the KKK, they would march people up there and do what they do with them. There is a way up to it still, but I didn’t get around to finding out how. I find things like that very disturbing yet interesting as well.

    February 5, 2011 at 7:09 pm

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