Dirt Cake?!

Growin up, my little brother wanted nothing more than to have a generous helping of “Dirt Cake” on his Birthday.  🙂

I figured I would do something different for the Hubby’s Birthday this year, so I thought I’d give “Dirt Cake” a try!

Keep in mind, my hubby doesn’t do dessert.  I have seen him eat maybe one slice of cake in the past year.  I make mocha brownies – he doesn’t even touch them.  Pumpkin Pie?  Never.  Give him a cookie though and he’s all over them…

So, here is my feeble attempt to get him to eat something different.  It’s not pie.  It’s not a cake.  It’s not brownies, or a stack of cookies.

It’s “Dirt Cake”!

Ahhhh…A Day in The Life…


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