Supporting ZooMontana

Did you know that ZooMontana is a privately funded non-profit organization?  In short, this means that they rely solely on private donations and volunteers to keep their doors open.

By March 19th (Next Saturday), Zoo Montana has to have reached its goal of $500,000 in donations, or the Association of Zoos and Aquariums will revoke their accreditation.

For every person who has ever sat in their house, whining and complaining that Billings is “Sooooo boring” and there is “Nothing to do here…” – take those loafers to the streets and go check out the Zoo! 

The kiddo, my Mom, and myself – did just that today.  (And boy was it a perfect day for it!)  The sun was shining and yes, the wind was blowing, but it felt like our first real taste of Spring…I’ll take it any way it comes at this point!

The pictures that follow give you just a glimpse of what ZooMontana has to offer.  I really encourage you to walk the grounds yourself.  Bring a friend – spend a sunny morning or afternoon catching up while you walk the trails and peer into the eyes of Bald Eagles and maybe a Red Panda (if you’re lucky!)

And please…don’t let it be something that you procrastinate and wait to do.  If you don’t do it soon, there may not be a ZooMontana for you to explore.

For those of you that may live too far to visit this amazing facility – please don’t hesitate to click HERE and donate.  Every penny counts!


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