(Nature) What a difference 5 days can make

Last Sunday…the hubby, kiddo and myself took one of our favorite drives.  We made “the loop.”

Park City – Reed Point – Columbus – Joliet – Laurel – Park City

It was a beautiful sunny Spring day and I had more than a great time capturing everything from cattle, to deer, to bluebirds (my first sighting EVER), and of course…my beloved Beartooth mountains.

It just goes to show though, in Montana, what looks to be Spring – is just a sign that snow is coming. 🙂

Yesterday (a mere 5 days after our trip around the loop), we made a mini trip to Reed Point, then Columbus, then back home to Park City.  Talk about a completely different view!  There was *at least* eight inches of snow on the ground and the fog covered the plains with an odd snowy mist.  It was beautiful.

The pictures that follow are first, from our trip last Sunday – and then our trip yesterday. 

I can’t imagine living any place else. 


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