Now THAT is an awesome Hubby!

So the other night – in the midst of sheer exhaustion and hormonal panic – the hubby said, “Go to bed.  I’ll stay up with the baby.”

After crying for another five minutes and finally forcing myself to lay in bed, I drifted off to sleep.

Four hours later – no hubby, and I don’t hear the baby.  My instincts tell me to go out to the shop.

Sitting in the studio is my hubby.  (Baby sleeping peacefully in her portable swing)  It’s almost 2:00AM and the hubby is surrounded by skeins of yarn.  SURROUNDED.

He looks up at me smiling (while I’m sure I looked to be in full panic mode) and says, “Who needs Hobby Lobby?  You’ve got a yarn store right here!!!”

This…is what he did for me.

It is moments like this that I can’t help but go to my secret place and thank God for placing such an amazing man in my life. 

Ahhh…A Day in The Life…


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