First camping trip of 2011!

It was sooooooo nice to leave the house, camper in tow – heading West to go camping for the first time of 2011!

The weather cleared on Saturday (after a horrendous 24 hours of gusty winds) and the weather couldn’t have turned out better than it did.

The kiddo was in little boy heaven – playing with bubbles (eating them is more like it!) and being pulled around on his four wheeler by Daddy.  Little Miss spent the entire time sleeping…it must be something about the fresh air! 🙂

Though it feels good to be back home (doesn’t it always?), I am so thankful to have gone and had such a great time.  We’re all beyond exhausted, but it was well worth the trip!  Here’s to hoping we have the time to go many many MANY more times this season.

Ahhhh…A Day in The Life…

Wow, there’s some great lighting in the camper!  I couldn’t help but snap a few shots of the Little Miss!

Our little family!

This was soooo hilarious!  Kiddo was trying to blow bubbles and he was practically eating them!  (I read later on the bubbles: “Solution not intended for human consumption” – whoever wrote that warning must not have ever had a two year old…)


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