|Rumour Has It|

On Thursday, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph some seriously adorable kids, in some seriously adorable hats!

My friend Kassi, owner of Rumour Has It, began making hats not too long ago.  I can still remember the first picture she posted…

It was like wildfire!  Moms all over the pages of Facebook were raving about them, and with good reason…

They are well, for lack of a better word – ADORABLE!

Made out of soft yarn, colorful yarn, bulky yarn – all just yearning to be touched, she outshines all others in the business with her true talent for design.  Just the accents on the hats alone make one swoon!

So these will be hard…

Should I “Oooh” and “Ahhhhh” over the beautiful children?! 
Or should I “Oooh” and “Ahhhhh” over all these beautiful hats?!

Take your pick.  But as a Mom of two now…I’ll take the hats. 🙂


2 responses

  1. These are super cute! Both the kids and the hats I mean, lol.

    May 7, 2011 at 7:30 am

  2. Grama deedee

    Absolutely adorable, the kids, the hats & the photography. You young moms are so clever today. Sure wish I lived closer so I could watch all these adorable babies grow, cuz they sure grow fast.

    Grma DD

    May 7, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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