A break from Facebook

Most of todays generation knows nothing about communication prior to social media.  Days when you were tied to the kitchen for a conversation (cause the cord only goes so far)…or even days when the idea of “texting” someone was absolutely absurd.

So yesterday, I decided to take a break from the black hole that is Facebook, but also my computer.

I spent the day cleaning the kids’ bedrooms, doing dishes, planning dinner, chasing after the kiddo outside and trying to get the baby to smile back at me.  By the time hubby came home, dinner was ready and the evening was all ours. 

As I watched the kiddo play in the late evening sunlight that bathes itself over the Park City fields, I grabbed my camera to capture the evenings beauty.  And boy was it beautiful.

Ahhhh…A Day in the Life…

This is the phenomenal view I have outside my studio windows.  Talk about an awesome work environment!


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