Clean out your pantry!

I have wanted to clean out my pantry since the little gal was born.  I even had a Facebook post about it.  “Cleaning out the pantry today!” I am sure it read…

It never happened.

Until today.

I would encourage each and every one of you to dig through that pantry of yours and bring every single item out onto your countertop.  I had rice from 2009 in there people.  And we all know how long rice is good for…so it must have been up there on that top shelf for a WHILE!

Here are a few things I found:

  • Three packages of powdered sugar.  I ran out one time so subconciously I must have wanted to make up for it…
  • Popcorn Salt!  I had no clue we ever had bought any, let alone that it sat unopened amongst my nightmare of spices.  And who doesn’t dig popcorn salt on their popcorn…
  • Grapeseed Oil.  How and why I aquired grapeseed oil is completely beyond me
  • Honey.  Kyle has been bitching about having no honey in the pantry for months.  It was just hidden behind the Bisquick!  I would have bought more but have you seen how expensive honey is?  I might as well start harvesting from the hives undearneath my eaves every Summer.
  • Pumpkin pie mix.  A big ol’ can.  This means that I can make “Impossible Pumpkin Pie”.  To. Die. For.

So if you’re up for a rainy day adventure…no need to look any further than your pantry full of wonderous items!

Ahhh…A Day in the Life!

I really should have taken a picture of what it looked like BEFORE I took everything out.  But then you might think that I am a walking disorganized disaster…

That Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn?  Date from 2009.  Who doesn’t go through popcorn?

All I did was go to the bathroom.  I came back and the kiddo had reached up for some 6 month old chocolates and dug right into them.  I now have dark chocolate fingerprints covering my entire kitchen and dining room.

And…AFTER!  Organization, what a beautiful thing!


One response

  1. DeeDee

    I’m with yopu, however, a few of my pantry shelves got cleaned out on the day we could put food for the needy in a bag and set by the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. They weren’t outdated, but had lots of duplicates. The outdated ones went out in the garbage, so two accomplisments with one cleanout. Now is the time for some clothes closets!!!!

    May 20, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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