My Mountains

I have always called The Beartooth mountain range “My Mountains.”  (Don’t you guys be thinkin all dirty on me…) 

After spending countless Summer days and nights wrapped up in my own little world in Silvergate, I have always felt that they are truly home to me. 

The hubby and I decided to take the kiddos camping one weekend, just us, as a family.  Let me say this…it was my best camping experience EVER.

Normally we’re with a group, and it tends to be fairly large.  Family, friends, people we barely know but want to know better…all together.  This was so different, and I loooved it.

The entire weekend was unplanned. We decided to head up the pass on Saturday to see the sky high drifts that The Billings Gazette had written about and ended up in Cooke City for lunch.  The kids were angels the entire time (go figure!) and by the time we got back to camp, both were zonked!  After an evening by the fire we headed to bed and woke up to yet another goregous morning in the mountains. 

The pictures that follow are exactly why I love Montana.  Enjoy!

Ahhhh…A Day in The Life…


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