Fourth of July 2011

Yes, it is a full few weeks since the Fourth of July has passed, but I still decided I had to blog about it.  🙂

We were lucky enough to spend a few nights in Red Lodge with my family that Friday and Saturday.  

I mean, seriously people, who wouldn’t want a few days in Red Lodge next to a goregous creek (that’s “crick” for all you non-locals) eating the likes of:

Stuffed burgers with pasta salad
Scones and fresh fruit
*Homemade* Muffaletta sandwhiches
Marinated Rib Eyes with loaded baked potatoes and Asparagus
Oh – and of course a dutch oven breakfast to send us off with

Not to mention the beers by the fire, etc… 

All I have to say about it at this point, is that the hubby and I both needed it.  And it was fabulous.  🙂

We came back to the Valley on Sunday, which gave us enough time to spend the next few days hanging out at the house.  The kiddo was about the happiest I have ever seen him, and Little Miss was a champ like always.  Kiddo even took to smoke bombs and fountains!   Please, you have to realize, that last part is a huge accomplishment for us!  The Fourth is our faaaavorite Holiday.  And until the kids are old enough to really enjoy fireworks, we’re kind of lame around this place.  Not like a few years ago…

But I digress.

So here are some photos from that weekend.  The kids had a blast, we had time to relax and most importantly – we had fun doing it.

Ahhhh….A Day in the Life….




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