|Autumn Has A Feeling…|

Fall is by far my absolute favorite season of the year.

When I woke up this morning…the entire valley was blanketed in a thick fog. The kind where it is so thick you can actually see the water float through the air.  Not kidding.

Thankfully since I’ve been into getting my rear end into shape…I had a perfect opportunity to go on a walk with my neighbor and bring my camera with me.  (Little did she know that I would be stopping every 3-1/2 minutes to take photographs…:-) )

The photos I did happen to capture though are…well…it is hard to believe that they were all taken within just a short mile from my home.  THIS is why I live in the country.  To experince this beauty that is completely overlooked…especially if you’re amongst Billings’ small high rises like the First Interstate Building.  Or the Crowne Plaza.  Or a Transwestern Building.  Or a Wendy’s.

That’s the thing guys.  The world was covered in an Autumn mist.  Blanketed in a cool dew that grasped every particle in the air and every leaf and grass blade.  Don’t forget that as you woke up and saw this fog, that there is beauty in it.  Open your eyes and know that its there…

Ahhhh….A Day in the Life…



One response

  1. DeeDee

    Absolutely beautiful, fascinating pictures,you are definitely a professional photographer, and I agree, where you live, is a wonderful place to be, you truly get a chance to see the world’s beauty, and thanks for sharing, Gr. DD

    September 16, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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