|Road Trippin Through Montana|

For the first time in six years, (Or nine years, depending on who you talk to) the Hubby and I actually celebrated our Anniversary!

We gave the kids to the grandparents and had only one plan.

Spend the night in Lewistown, MT.

So we left town…and on the open road we went! (Though I do have to admit, we stopped in Big Timber because we didn’t bring a map.)

We broke away from the Interstate as soon as we possibly could.  We jumped on a road that dove in and over through hillsides, a local road no doubt – and I could hardly keep count of the Meadowlarks so casually sitting on fence posts.  We drove that road for – I don’t even know how many miles – and never saw a home, much less people.

Montana is truly untouched.

Especially this part of Montana.

Never again did I want to return to the hustle and nightmare that Billings can be.  I know, I know, in comparison to larger cities and metro areas…Billings is practically “small town.”

But the thing is…

That idea that you have about a small town in Montana, nestled between the mountains…

That idea still exists.

There are still ranchers, hauling ass on dirt roads, listening to old Country music with a Golden Retriever barely hanging on to the rear of a flat-bed pickup.

That’s what I saw.

That’s what I witnessed.  I witnessed more rainfall than our state has seen in decades.  I witnessed the result of that through hay fields that farmers can’t even keep up with.  I saw the result through closed roads and destroyed bridges.

I almost crapped my pants in the Judith Mountains while driving down through the canyon.  The road was completely washed out (COMPLETELY people)…and we just kind of drove on through.  Talk about not seeing a soul!  We drove right through the middle of a mountain and DID. NOT. SEE. A. SOUL.

Montana is truly untouched.

Before I close this novel up…I thought that I would share a few more things.

Over the course of this trip (And in less than 48 hours):

We spotted a Peacock at a Ghost Town
Walked amongst ruined buildings that are still standing, in the town of Kendall, MT
Talked up a bartender named “Candy” (no shit!) at the Mint Bar
Ate wild raspberries next to a waterfall
Laughed until we cried
Traveled 550 miles
Saw an archway that led into a trailer house that was made of stacked firewood (Dude…I have a picture to prove it)
Ate amazing sandwiches in White Sulfur Springs
Found where we want to retire
Had the worst Chinese food in history
Stopped or passed through thirty towns
Slept in past 6:00am
And most of all, we remembered why we got married.

We used to drive aimlessly when we first met, and it was driving aimlessly through Montana that brought us even closer together.

Here’s to 60 years from now Honey.

You…telling stories of how we used to do this…
And Me…showing pictures to prove that it’s true.

Ahhhh…A Day in The Life…


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