|Engagements| Breiann + Kalan

Sometimes when you first meet a couple, you realize shortly thereafter that you just click.

That’s the way it was when meeting Breiann and Kalan.

Not all couples are the same…and these two are special.

Breiann smiles…and Kalan’s face lights up.
A smart comment is made…and soon after you see a couple rolling around laughing in the tall grass.

They grew up in towns where the entire size of their counties don’t add up to the population where they now live. And somehow…they found each other.

That’s the way life works. You are meant to meet certain people in life.  I truly believe that their individual paths were meant to cross.  🙂

Well, I had quite the dillema when trying to decide which photos to blog.  To be quite honest – I think I could have blogged every single one!  So enjoy you guys – I had a fantastic time getting to know you and absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!












One response

  1. DeeDee

    What a lovely story, and as usual great pics, GR DD

    September 20, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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