{The Fun Stuff} Shiva Kameanie!



Fresh Meat.


Rink Rash.

That’s right.  I’m talking about Roller Derby people!

Being a Derby Girl is no small feat.  You don’t just sign up and join the team.  You learn it.  You work for it.  Your body takes the hits.  You earn your way into the group.

And this is an amazing group of women…strong women.  Women that will stand up for you.  Women that want what is best for *each other.*

Women that come together and rock it in the rink!

I have known Dayna for so long…I don’t even want to go back and try to figure out how many years it has actually been!  All I know, is that she was meant to be a part of this.  She was born to be a Derby Girl.  And you know what?

She makes it look good.


Lots of love to you my friend!  I can’t wait to see you in Bozeman in a couple of weeks!


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