{Families & Children} The Johnston Family

In October of 2010 I held a Fan Contest on Facebook.  I don’t remember exactly what all the terms of the contest were, but I do know that after going through random.org to pick my winner…it was the Johnston Family that won the free session and print package!

Skip to June of 2012.  Almost two whole years, (and another baby for me, later!) we FINALLY made our schedules work so that we could make this happen!

Come to find out…little ol’ Park City, Montana was just a little hop…skip…and a big BIG jump down to Douglas, Wyoming where the Johnston’s live, and really wanted to have their photos taken.

So early one morning last week, I brewed up my pot of coffee and hit the road bright and early to get on my way to Douglas.  (Separate blog coming soon about that awesome adventure!!!)  To sum it up, it couldn’t have been a more peaceful trip down there and truly, I have never seen Wyoming so green IN MY LIFE.  It was stunning.  Simply, stunning.

I met up with the Johnston’s shortly before 11:00 and we went down to the river in town.  The cotton was flying through the air and after a few hello’s and winks to the kids, we went right ahead and got started.

What I realized almost immediately is these kids were just like models!  I would hold up my camera and the smiles just came beaming right at me!  They are truly great kids though and did amazing out in the heat.  They even waited so patiently for their ice cream which was lovingly promised to them. 🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek you guys!  I had such a great time and can’t wait to come back!


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