Families & Children

{Families & Children}/{Engaged} Tara & Glenn

Today, I was unbelievably blessed to meet my friend Tara in person for the very first time.  After a 562 mile drive to Canada and a good night’s sleep, we met at a beautiful lakeside community for a session with her family

I can’t tell you what it felt like to see her walking towards me across the parking lot.  I would like to say that I know her, but after feeling her hug for the very first time, I can tell you she is just as warm and loving in person as she has been to me across the countless emails and packages we have sent each other over the last year and a half. 🙂

To say that I am giddy just to be here, is a serious understatement!

The weather for our session this morning could not have been better, and I mean that!  The sun was shining, the grass was still wet with morning dew and after introductions and hello’s, we made our way around the property and chatted while I got a feel for the area.

Oh yeah, and by the way – I absolutely love this family!

Her parents, her brothers, and of course there is Glenn and his boy Jeremy.  I could just hang with these guys all day long!  They are people that make you comfortable and happy by just being around them.  Which is why they were so much fun to photograph of course!

So here’s your sneak peek from today’s session.  I hope it holds you over until tomorrow when I get to witness the most gorgeous bride marry the most handsome groom.  Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about you Jeremy – you are going to be the most handsome guy ever!



{Families & Children} The Robertson Family

I have known this family for the longest time and can’t even begin to say how thrilled I was to be able to photograph them again!

I love that I have been able to watch them grow and change over the years.  To see the girls grow into beautiful young ladies, and Jack become a more handsome little man each time I see him, is one of those amazing joys that you get through a friendship.

Misty is such a strong and loving woman, and I am so proud to be able to call her my friend.  Watching her interact with her kids, makes me want to be an even better Mom to my children.  She is just THAT amazing!

Thank you so much for letting me spend some time with you guys and capture you as the beautiful family that you are.  I had such a great time and can’t wait to come visit and check out how that garden of yours is doing girl!



{Families & Children} The Johnston Family

In October of 2010 I held a Fan Contest on Facebook.  I don’t remember exactly what all the terms of the contest were, but I do know that after going through random.org to pick my winner…it was the Johnston Family that won the free session and print package!

Skip to June of 2012.  Almost two whole years, (and another baby for me, later!) we FINALLY made our schedules work so that we could make this happen!

Come to find out…little ol’ Park City, Montana was just a little hop…skip…and a big BIG jump down to Douglas, Wyoming where the Johnston’s live, and really wanted to have their photos taken.

So early one morning last week, I brewed up my pot of coffee and hit the road bright and early to get on my way to Douglas.  (Separate blog coming soon about that awesome adventure!!!)  To sum it up, it couldn’t have been a more peaceful trip down there and truly, I have never seen Wyoming so green IN MY LIFE.  It was stunning.  Simply, stunning.

I met up with the Johnston’s shortly before 11:00 and we went down to the river in town.  The cotton was flying through the air and after a few hello’s and winks to the kids, we went right ahead and got started.

What I realized almost immediately is these kids were just like models!  I would hold up my camera and the smiles just came beaming right at me!  They are truly great kids though and did amazing out in the heat.  They even waited so patiently for their ice cream which was lovingly promised to them. 🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek you guys!  I had such a great time and can’t wait to come back!

{Families & Children} Mason

Mason and I are buddies.  🙂

Having a little boy of my own (and the same age as well) makes me completely in tune to all the things that little boys think are cool.  I mean, what little boy isn’t obsessed with sticks, the river, little red wagons, dirt piles, and most of all…mud puddles?!  (We found them all by the way…)

This was my second time having the opportunity to photograph this little man and it’s so fun to see how much he has grown in just a year!  I don’t even know how it is possible, but I SWEAR he has gotten cuter since the last time I saw him!  And he was waaaaay cute before!

Check these out…he is ALL BOY!

{Families & Children} Brennan

Just a few weeks ago I held my first ever Spring Photo Contest on Facebook!

We had two lucky winners – and Mr. Brennan here, was the big winner with…get this…253 VOTES!  So even though I’ve already said it, Congratulations again you guys!!

They showed up yesterday just when the heat was starting to get nice and, well, uncomfortable.  Like, sweltering!  (Mind you, this was only 10:30 in the morning.  Are we sure it’s only Springtime?!)  We meandered on down to the river and Brennan was already smiling, being his adorable two year old self.  🙂

I mean, this little kiddo…is straight ADORABLE!

His Dad is a Fly Fisherman so I was thrilled to see that he had brought his fly rod with him.  Brennan was equally as thrilled, let me tell ya!  Watching him and his Dad cast together was so incredibly special.  This is a memory that Brennan himself may not remember years down the road, but I am so thankful to have captured it for him.

So here is your little sneak peek of my time with Brennan and his parents.  I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest!

{Families & Children} The Draper Family

I have only known the Drapers for a few years, but it feels like we’ve been a part of each other’s lives for…well…ever!

They are the kind of people you wish you could have live next door.  Living a good hour from eachother doesn’t do us justice, so I’m thinking I may just have to move near by just so I can laugh and share their good company on a daily basis!  So start looking for available lots you guys… 😉

And their boys – well, lets just say they are both charming, and have *quite* the sense of humor.  (You know who you are…DYLAN!)

Not to mention that…
Those boys are HANDSOME!

All in all, saying that I had a wonderful time with them doesn’t even begin to touch how great it was to reconnect!  Honestly, I wish nothing more than to spend a weekend camping with them in the Beartooth’s shady pines, sitting next to a warm fire in the very near future.  Set a date guys – I can’t wait!

{Specials} Announcing…Spring Mini Sessions!

There are a lot of fun things happening around here lately, this post being the first of many!

It’s that time of year again and I am so excited to be able to announce Spring Mini Sessions!

Just like every other Mini Session, they tend to fill up quickly so make sure to email me as soon as you can to reserve your time slot!  Oh, and just in case you’re a bit confused, the $50 session fee will count toward your Mini Session this time around.  Yes, that means, that it’s only $150 TOTAL for the disc.  I know, I know, what a killer deal!

I cannot wait!  This set of Mini Sessions, I just have this feeling, is going to be my favorite yet.  I have all sorts of ideas and intend on having quite a few different “sets” set up.

*rubbing hands together*….so excited!


The 11:00 slot has been claimed.

The 4:00 slot has been claimed.