|Maternity| Amanda & Nic

I remember exactly where I was when Amanda revealed to me that she was pregnant.

Tears came to my eyes…and no it wasn’t the bleach fumes.  (Or the insane hormones raging through my body at the time!)

All I could think about was how great of a Mom she was going to be.

Even seven months into pregnancy, Amanda looks like a super model!  Like I told her…I NEVER looked that good during either of my pregnancies.  She truly does glow!  (Even with a cold) 🙂

Thank you so much, to the both of you, for allowing me to document this moment in your lives.

Before the sleepless nights…
Before those eyes mesmorize your every moment…
Before bringing this beautiful baby girl into the world.

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to meet her!


|Maternity| Callan + Brent

I am very lucky to have known Callan for a looooong time!

I have known her since way back when; when my Mom used to help me go through my closet looking for pretty clothes to hand down to Callan. 🙂

I was blessed enough to sing at her wedding a few years ago to Brent, an absolutely perfect guy for her.

And now, as they look  to welcome a beautiful baby into the world, I am blessed that she asked me to document this era in their lives for them.  Freezing those moments in time before the days of diapers, doctors, and infectious smiles that they can’t ever imagine again living without.

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did…I absolutely cannot wait to meet him!

|Maternity| Chelsey + Kyle

Ready to welcome a little one into the world…Chelsey and Kyle showed up to the studio on a rainy evening.  Like, a *really* rainy evening.  🙂

We had already rescheduled numerous times because of the record rains Montana had in the month of May, so needless to say, we were all pretty determined to take these pictures!

After talking for a while, we realized the rain had subsided and took a trip down to a river access near my house. 


The road was washed out.  I’m looking at this bridge like, “Ummm…we have to figure something out here…”

After the shots near the river (laughing and cracking jokes, really cheesey ones at that!) we went up the road a little ways and to a place that is absolutely magical.  Thing is…the mosquitos decided that it was also a very magical place to breed!  So here were we were, slapping ourselves in the midst of hysterically laughing, trying to kill as many as possible between the click of the shutter!

It was funny…

But was was even funnier…(and this one is just for you guys!)

“Look at that deer!”


Enjoy you guys!  I absolutely cannot wait to meet the little peanut!