Tenley June – 1 Day Old

Yesterday, the hubby and I welcomed our beautiful blessing of a daughter, Tenley June, into the world.

Born at 8lbs. 3oz. and 20-1/2 inches long, she is happy, healthy and to put it simply…perfect.  🙂

This morning as the three of us woke up in our hospital room, she opened her eyes to the world.  Gazing around, taking it all in, she stopped and it was almost like she finally spotted me.

What an adventure!

Ahhhh….A Day in The Life…


The Baby Bump. No, that is not a basketball!

I tell you what.  When I grow babies, I grow what looks like a basketball underneath my shirt.

Seriously.  See below.

Amy (my doctor’s ultrasound tech) says that its because I have such a short midsection and they have no way to grow but straight out.


Well anyways, that is the last picture you’ll see of the baby before she’s in the real world.  Wooo Hoo!  The time is here!! 🙂

Ahhhh….A Day in The Life!

Something my doctor said…

As I lay down on the table for the last time before we welcome our daughter into the world, my doctor approached my gargantuan basketball shaped belly and said,

“You know what is so amazing?”

He places his hands on my ever expanding stomach…

“There is a baby in there!  A human…with a soul.”  His eyes well up slightly with tears.  “I can’t wait to meet her!”

I looked up into my doctors eyes and said, “Me too.”  🙂

That, my friends, is why I trust and love my doctor.  The same man who delivered my little brother into the world, the same man who delivered my son, and will now deliver my daughter – shares joy with me through all this.  Thank you Dr. Neuhoff.  I’ll miss seeing you on a weekly basis…especially your whistling.

Ahhh….A Day in The Life…

Little Girls have waaaay cuter clothes…

I had to stop at Target today to buy a friend of mine a gift for her little girl being born next month.

Well, I ended up realizing that I barely have anything for my little girl so I’d better get on it!

Manuevering through the tightly lined aisles of clothing, I realized something.

Little Girls have waaaay cuter clothes than little boys!

The monkeys with the pink bows!

The jeans with the frills on the bottom hem!

Tiny shirts with “I love Daddy” embroidered on them.


Here were my findings…

I can’t wait for this little girl to arrive!

Ahhh…A Day in The Life….