{Just Married} Tara & Glenn

I have known Tara for about a year and a half now, but only met her for the first time – the day before her wedding!

We were partners in a crochet swap all through 2011 and both knew that we had found a lifelong friend because of it.  When Tara asked if I would be willing to come to Canada to be her wedding photographer, I nearly squealed like a little girl!  (Okay, I must admit.  I did squeal like a little girl!)

To say that I feel thankful to have been there and present capture their wedding day, is a complete understatement.  Really, I feel more honored than anything.  Tara and Glenn trusted me, someone 652 miles away from them…someone they had never met, to come and document the most important day of their lives together.

And after spending time with them both, I feel as though I met a couple that will stand the test of time. Two people who where meant to spend their lives on this earth intertwined in each other’s fate.

I mean really, ice cream floats instead of a wedding cake!  A signed canoe paddle instead of a guest book!  How about a Bride and Groom in the middle of a lake on their wedding day?!  They are unique in life and unique in their relationship to each other.

So here’s to you guys!  Cheers, my dear friends! There was Spiderman & Mary Jane, Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy, and now we have Glenn & Tara.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



{Just Married} Anna & Daniel

A few short weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing my cousin Anna’s beautiful wedding at the Rock Creek Resort in Red Lodge, MT.

What you should know though, is that she lives in Germany – and had to plan an entire wedding from 3,000 miles away!

I can’t. Even. Imagine.

Let me tell you though, she had everything down to the very last detail.  It was gorgeous!  Her dress.  The flowers.  The candelabras that sat center stage in the middle of beautifully adorned tables.  The menus in both English and German. She made the most unbelievable gifts for the guests as well!  Elderberry Syrup (So bright and delicious, she is right that it “Tastes like Spring”) and being very talented in pottery, she made mugs for each and every one of her guests as well. It was magical!

I had so much fun exploring the resort with them taking their photographs.  Daniel is such a great man and the way that both him and Anna look at each other just goes to show that they were made to be together.

Cheers to you both!  I wish you all the happiness that you both can hold

{Just Married} Breiann & Kalan

Have you ever met a couple before, where everything just “clicked”?

That’s how I felt that after I met Breiann and Kalan for the first time…I swear I could have known them my whole life!  And judging by the amazing group of people that they surround themselves with, I imagine that if you know Bre and Kalan, you feel the same way I do.  🙂

Well rain or shine, (and trust me, we had BOTH) these two were bound to have an unforgettable day!  They were married outside on a beautiful green lawn right around 6:00 (despite the monster of a storm that blew through an hour before) and when I watched them walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time, I could not have been happier for them.

I had such a great time getting to know everyone, I swear my cheeks were cramped from laughing for hours!  If I absolutely had to choose…my favorite parts of the day were the river and the shovel.  (You guys know what I’m talking about, LOL!)  But all in all, to say I had fun, is a complete understatement!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to capture this day in their lives.

Breiann and Kalan – I wish you both nothing but the best future that your lives can hold, and if you ever need an evening by the bonfire out at my place, you know where to find me!


|Wedding| Ashley + Steven

There are times in life when you witness something absolutely beautiful.  The day when Ashley married Steven is one of those times.

They are the epitomy of what you view as the perfect couple.  The way Steven holds Ashley’s hand…the way he touches the small of her back.  The way they look at each other across a room.  You know, without a doubt – that THIS is love.  I mean seriously you guys…you should have seen their first dance together!  By far, one of the most fun and joyous dances I have ever seen.  EVER!  🙂  I mean, THAT is love people! 

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph such an important time in their lives.   

Ashley and Steven, thank you for letting me be a part of this moment. 

Announcing…my Maternity Leave

(Weddings) Greg & Christy = ♥

When I woke up on Saturday – the first thing I thought to myself was, “Oh Lord…please let there be sunshine!”

Driving to Red Lodge had me half worried and half excited.  (Kind of like that first day of school feeling.)  Rain is never what anyone wants on their wedding day.  But – the sunshine that reveals itself inbetween ominous clouds is nothing short of miraculous.  I was hoping for a lot of miraculous…and that’s exactly what we got!  🙂

So…when I first arrived and saw Greg & Christy interact, I realized that this couple is so incredibly…irrevocably…IN LOVE.  I knew immediately that they are made for each other.  Like how a puzzle has to fit in order for it to come together, they were eachother’s puzzle piece.

At the ceremony – Christy was stunning in her beautifully beaded and laced gown while Greg was looking as handsome as ever in his suit and boots.  You would have never known that it was barely 50 degrees (my best guess) by the way they admired each other.  You could tell as their eyes met that this moment was beyond special. 

Near the end of the ceremony, the sun broke through the clouds.  (That miraculous sunshine I was talking about earlier?  Yeah…that’s what I’m talking about!)  It was stunning.  The golden sun shone through and the lake was ablaze with reflections.  Pure beauty.

I hope that I have captured even just a small glimpse into the happiness of these two.  I am so thankful to have been a part of their Wedding Day.  Thank you Greg.  Thank you Christy.  🙂

Lastly, (but definately not in the least) I need to give a HUGE thanks to Jessica Palmer with Bryar Patch Photography  for allowing me photograph this amazing couple along sider her.   Thanks a ton girl – I had a blast and couldn’t have done it without you!

I am so thankful to have captured when Christy first met Greg at the altar.  I had a hard time not weeping right along side them! 

As you can see from the photo on the right – this is when the sun came out!  🙂


Bridal Shootout!

I had such a great time on Monday photographing some truly goregous brides.  I was a little nervous going into it knowing I would be bringing my craft into a room with some amazingly talented photographers. 

But, I soon realized how much I loved them all.  Why did I even worry?!!

I have to give props to the wonderful Billings area businesses who made this all happen:

The Yellowstone Art Museum = amazing venue to photograph at – thanks a ton you guys for staying late on a Monday!  (We all know how much we just love Mondays…)

All the flowers were generously donated by Gainan’s Flowers & Evergreen IGA.  Do you see those boquets?  Holla!

The stunning makeup was done by Stacy Mayes.  I wish I would’ve had her when I got married – maybe I could’ve channeled a little Nicole Kidman…lol.

Our Brides’ hairstyles were done up by the wonderful Stevee Quast & Sarabeth Engels.  Here are another set of professionals that definately know what they’re doing!

Last – but definately not least – I have to thank our phenomenal brides for showing off their stuff!  A big shoutout to Carly Mahlen (Rockin the Red!), Arieanna Ramage (Sassy & Spunky!), & Gina Burtell (Classic & Sophisticated).  You girls ROCK!