{Families & Children} The Johnston Family

In October of 2010 I held a Fan Contest on Facebook.  I don’t remember exactly what all the terms of the contest were, but I do know that after going through to pick my winner…it was the Johnston Family that won the free session and print package!

Skip to June of 2012.  Almost two whole years, (and another baby for me, later!) we FINALLY made our schedules work so that we could make this happen!

Come to find out…little ol’ Park City, Montana was just a little hop…skip…and a big BIG jump down to Douglas, Wyoming where the Johnston’s live, and really wanted to have their photos taken.

So early one morning last week, I brewed up my pot of coffee and hit the road bright and early to get on my way to Douglas.  (Separate blog coming soon about that awesome adventure!!!)  To sum it up, it couldn’t have been a more peaceful trip down there and truly, I have never seen Wyoming so green IN MY LIFE.  It was stunning.  Simply, stunning.

I met up with the Johnston’s shortly before 11:00 and we went down to the river in town.  The cotton was flying through the air and after a few hello’s and winks to the kids, we went right ahead and got started.

What I realized almost immediately is these kids were just like models!  I would hold up my camera and the smiles just came beaming right at me!  They are truly great kids though and did amazing out in the heat.  They even waited so patiently for their ice cream which was lovingly promised to them. 🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek you guys!  I had such a great time and can’t wait to come back!


{Families & Children} Mason

Mason and I are buddies.  🙂

Having a little boy of my own (and the same age as well) makes me completely in tune to all the things that little boys think are cool.  I mean, what little boy isn’t obsessed with sticks, the river, little red wagons, dirt piles, and most of all…mud puddles?!  (We found them all by the way…)

This was my second time having the opportunity to photograph this little man and it’s so fun to see how much he has grown in just a year!  I don’t even know how it is possible, but I SWEAR he has gotten cuter since the last time I saw him!  And he was waaaaay cute before!

Check these out…he is ALL BOY!

{Just Married} Breiann & Kalan

Have you ever met a couple before, where everything just “clicked”?

That’s how I felt that after I met Breiann and Kalan for the first time…I swear I could have known them my whole life!  And judging by the amazing group of people that they surround themselves with, I imagine that if you know Bre and Kalan, you feel the same way I do.  🙂

Well rain or shine, (and trust me, we had BOTH) these two were bound to have an unforgettable day!  They were married outside on a beautiful green lawn right around 6:00 (despite the monster of a storm that blew through an hour before) and when I watched them walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time, I could not have been happier for them.

I had such a great time getting to know everyone, I swear my cheeks were cramped from laughing for hours!  If I absolutely had to choose…my favorite parts of the day were the river and the shovel.  (You guys know what I’m talking about, LOL!)  But all in all, to say I had fun, is a complete understatement!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to capture this day in their lives.

Breiann and Kalan – I wish you both nothing but the best future that your lives can hold, and if you ever need an evening by the bonfire out at my place, you know where to find me!


{A Day In The Life} May Morning…

When I woke up this morning at 6:40 to the sounds of my daughter and son needing my full attention, I was a little less than thrilled.  And I know there are some Moms out there that jump right up at the crack of dawn and can’t wait to hold their little ones.

I, on the other hand, cherish my sleep.  Big time.  After I have my first cup of coffee in me, I am all hugs, trust me!  But 6:40am is not my brightest time of the day.  🙂

So, I opened up the blinds after getting cups and bottles filled to find that the entire valley was covered in a thick mist.  It’s a rare occurance here, and I didn’t even take any photos of it, but it made me want to get outside and take a few photographs.

Once the Bunn (Coffee maker) had dripped enough for my first cup of the morning, I grabbed my trusty Nikon and slipped out on the porch to capture a few shots.

That’s the thing.  I was only outside for five minutes, took only a few swigs of my joe, and by the time I came inside – I was ready to be “Mom” again.  Sometimes it just takes a few moments to remember what you love and who you are, so that you can return to reality and be your best self for the ones that depend on you.  🙂

Ahhhh…A Day In The Life.


{A Day In The Life} To Chico We Go!

I can’t even really remember when I was at Chico last.  All I know is that it was when my Dad and brother were still alive and it was well before I turned into a lovely form of “teenager.” 🙂 So really, I am thinking, it must have been in 1997-1998.  14 YEARS AGO.  Wow!

We kind of planned this trip to Chico out of the blue, and I am so glad we did.  The Hubby and I went with our friends Tony and Donna Smith for a *much needed* overnight of rest, relaxation, laughs, and of course – AMAZING food!

After a drive complete with snow, sleet, and icy roads, we arrived at our little bungalow more than ready for a drink or two.  We met with Tony and Donna and headed down to the dining room where I had the BEST (Seriously, the BEST) Bruschetta I have ever had.  Ever.  Of course the rest of the meal was absolutely divine, but I swear I can still taste those roasted tomatoes at this very moment.  🙂

Really, people go to Chico for all sorts of reasons.
The location…
The food…
The atmosphere…
But most of all…for the pool.

After eating myself silly at dinner, we all dawned our suits and sat in the 96 degree water where we laughed and talked shop.  When my skin was wrinkled like a raisin, I got dressed and walked the same hall to the same lobby as I had so many years ago.

Its funny; returning to a place after so many years of being gone, and it still feels the same to me.  It’s like my own private little sanctuary, which is odd because I have shared it with so many thousands upon thousands of people that I’m sure feel the same way that I do.  But when I went to turn the door knob heading out to the pool for the first time in 14 years, I realized – that is the same door knob.

The same door knob that my Dad and little brother turned so many years ago on our little retreats to the mountain hideaway.

It really made me smile 🙂

So even though I returned later in life after a husband, two kids, and so many moons later – I am glad to have spent the time there again with the people that I did.  I had a blast and felt like I had finally recharged my battery for a bit!

Here’s to making Chico a tradition in my life once again.

Ahhhh….A Day In The Life!

(Note:  This trip took place in October 2011.  I have only now had the time to sit down and blog about it!)


{The Fun Stuff} Shiva Kameanie!



Fresh Meat.


Rink Rash.

That’s right.  I’m talking about Roller Derby people!

Being a Derby Girl is no small feat.  You don’t just sign up and join the team.  You learn it.  You work for it.  Your body takes the hits.  You earn your way into the group.

And this is an amazing group of women…strong women.  Women that will stand up for you.  Women that want what is best for *each other.*

Women that come together and rock it in the rink!

I have known Dayna for so long…I don’t even want to go back and try to figure out how many years it has actually been!  All I know, is that she was meant to be a part of this.  She was born to be a Derby Girl.  And you know what?

She makes it look good.


Lots of love to you my friend!  I can’t wait to see you in Bozeman in a couple of weeks!

{Families & Children} Brennan

Just a few weeks ago I held my first ever Spring Photo Contest on Facebook!

We had two lucky winners – and Mr. Brennan here, was the big winner with…get this…253 VOTES!  So even though I’ve already said it, Congratulations again you guys!!

They showed up yesterday just when the heat was starting to get nice and, well, uncomfortable.  Like, sweltering!  (Mind you, this was only 10:30 in the morning.  Are we sure it’s only Springtime?!)  We meandered on down to the river and Brennan was already smiling, being his adorable two year old self.  🙂

I mean, this little kiddo…is straight ADORABLE!

His Dad is a Fly Fisherman so I was thrilled to see that he had brought his fly rod with him.  Brennan was equally as thrilled, let me tell ya!  Watching him and his Dad cast together was so incredibly special.  This is a memory that Brennan himself may not remember years down the road, but I am so thankful to have captured it for him.

So here is your little sneak peek of my time with Brennan and his parents.  I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest!

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