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{Just Married} Tara & Glenn

I have known Tara for about a year and a half now, but only met her for the first time – the day before her wedding!

We were partners in a crochet swap all through 2011 and both knew that we had found a lifelong friend because of it.  When Tara asked if I would be willing to come to Canada to be her wedding photographer, I nearly squealed like a little girl!  (Okay, I must admit.  I did squeal like a little girl!)

To say that I feel thankful to have been there and present capture their wedding day, is a complete understatement.  Really, I feel more honored than anything.  Tara and Glenn trusted me, someone 652 miles away from them…someone they had never met, to come and document the most important day of their lives together.

And after spending time with them both, I feel as though I met a couple that will stand the test of time. Two people who where meant to spend their lives on this earth intertwined in each other’s fate.

I mean really, ice cream floats instead of a wedding cake!  A signed canoe paddle instead of a guest book!  How about a Bride and Groom in the middle of a lake on their wedding day?!  They are unique in life and unique in their relationship to each other.

So here’s to you guys!  Cheers, my dear friends! There was Spiderman & Mary Jane, Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy, and now we have Glenn & Tara.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



{Families & Children}/{Engaged} Tara & Glenn

Today, I was unbelievably blessed to meet my friend Tara in person for the very first time.  After a 562 mile drive to Canada and a good night’s sleep, we met at a beautiful lakeside community for a session with her family

I can’t tell you what it felt like to see her walking towards me across the parking lot.  I would like to say that I know her, but after feeling her hug for the very first time, I can tell you she is just as warm and loving in person as she has been to me across the countless emails and packages we have sent each other over the last year and a half. 🙂

To say that I am giddy just to be here, is a serious understatement!

The weather for our session this morning could not have been better, and I mean that!  The sun was shining, the grass was still wet with morning dew and after introductions and hello’s, we made our way around the property and chatted while I got a feel for the area.

Oh yeah, and by the way – I absolutely love this family!

Her parents, her brothers, and of course there is Glenn and his boy Jeremy.  I could just hang with these guys all day long!  They are people that make you comfortable and happy by just being around them.  Which is why they were so much fun to photograph of course!

So here’s your sneak peek from today’s session.  I hope it holds you over until tomorrow when I get to witness the most gorgeous bride marry the most handsome groom.  Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about you Jeremy – you are going to be the most handsome guy ever!


{Just Married} Breiann & Kalan

Have you ever met a couple before, where everything just “clicked”?

That’s how I felt that after I met Breiann and Kalan for the first time…I swear I could have known them my whole life!  And judging by the amazing group of people that they surround themselves with, I imagine that if you know Bre and Kalan, you feel the same way I do.  🙂

Well rain or shine, (and trust me, we had BOTH) these two were bound to have an unforgettable day!  They were married outside on a beautiful green lawn right around 6:00 (despite the monster of a storm that blew through an hour before) and when I watched them walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time, I could not have been happier for them.

I had such a great time getting to know everyone, I swear my cheeks were cramped from laughing for hours!  If I absolutely had to choose…my favorite parts of the day were the river and the shovel.  (You guys know what I’m talking about, LOL!)  But all in all, to say I had fun, is a complete understatement!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to capture this day in their lives.

Breiann and Kalan – I wish you both nothing but the best future that your lives can hold, and if you ever need an evening by the bonfire out at my place, you know where to find me!