{A Day in The life…} This one time, we went camping…

I have camped in the mountains enough years to know that it’s never the same trip.

Even if you camp at the same site.
In the same mountains.
With the same people.
Even if you bring the same food and drink the same beer…

It’s different every time.

The last time that we went, (gosh, that was about six weeks ago now), I gave myself a challenge.

My challenge was to use a lens that I rarely bring out and to take photos while I was camping, of the little things.

The kids were in the camper trying to catch a nap and the hubby could tell that I was itching to take a walk by myself.  So he offered to stay with the kids while I meandered around the area.

I saw some really neat things that day.  That’s not to say that I haven’t seen a pine cone or an old rusty nail before.  But I did see the smallest pine cone I had ever seen in my life.   And, I crouched in and around an old rusted vehicle from the 30’s that was abandoned next to a swollen creek – surrounded by overgrown forest.

Had I not taken that walk, I wouldn’t have even known that all those little things existed just a short jaunt from where we set up camp for three days.

To me, its really eye opening to look at those photos and think that 99% of the people that have or will camp right where I did – won’t take the time to look closely at their surroundings.  It’s too bad too, cause if I have learned anything about life, it’s to take in all the little things while they’re still there to enjoy.

A Day in The Life…

The smallest pine cone I have ever seen.  It was the size of the tip of my pinkie finger!

This is just magical to me.  I am pretty sure I will frame this one (above) in the studio.

And to think, this could be a massive tree someday.

Last, but not least.  ❤


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